#203 – Hard and rockin’

Bringing you some hard rocking tunes to get you moving!

Also want to invite all local Detroit friends/family to see Matthew Ebel LIVE in Livonia – Great show, well worth the money! Listen to the show to get code to save $2 on your ticket!

News discussed:

NIN and new ticket method to thwart scalpers

Music Played:
Urbansnake (Interview from UC Radio)
Halfbrother Sid
Down Theory
Bang Camaro
Matthew Ebel (See him live in Metro Detroit on May 18th!!)

Shows mentioned:

UC Radio

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Two Hund’ed and Two!

Bringing you another great music packed episode – a little shorter than the last one! I hope you enjoyed the interview with Lauren Wood – she was wonderful to talk to, and hope to meet her in the future!

This episode contains some great rock music – as well as a couple voice mails too!

Information on how YOU can see Matthew Ebel here in Detroit for $2 off the ticket price (with a code at the end of the show) – and here is where you can buy the tickets! – May 18th – 7pm!!

Music From:

Before The Rise
Fenix Down
Counterfeit Molly

Special Thanks to JC Hutchins for stealing ideas from my theme song! 🙂
If you haven’t listened to his 7th Son podiobook – what are you waiting for!? Go get it now!!!

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#201 – Interview with Lauren Wood

Thanks for coming back after the 200th episode extravaganza – it was a lot of fun!

This episode features an incredible artist, songwriter, musician, and one of the people responsible for ending the Vietnam war (listen to the whole interview!)! I had the pleasure of interviewing Lauren Wood. It’s a lengthy interview, but well worth listening – Lauren’s career spans almost 40 years and has a huge list of accomplishments! Her latest CD (Love, Death, and Customer Service) is incredible, and i’m willing to bet you’ve heard her voice once or twice!

Enjoy the interview and let Lauren know you heard her on Zaldor’s World!

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This was a fun episode! Started out with music, but quickly went to karaoke, calls from audience, and more karaoke!!

If you wanna see the VIDEO version of this, check out my Ustream.TV page!

Don’t forget to sign up for the Zaldor’s World Network! The social network of the show!

View my page on Zaldor’s World Network

Music from:
Little Plastic Stars

Voicemails from:

Trent from the T-rent Show!
Country Co-Worker
Freaky Co-Worker
Country Cousin
Aaron from The Big Show
Philosophy Guy
Hoo Hoo Nick
Matt from RedBoy Podcast
Kara from Insomnia Radio:Chicago
Mike From Most People Are DJs

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-06

  • Yay! I won a t-shirt in the Garage Party 2008 – http://www.gotwebmojo.com ! 🙂 #
  • @killyourfm Ubuntu rocks – looking forward to new version! #
  • @bigshow You got a touch?! Awesome!! Congrats! #
  • Thanks to http://www.gotwebmojo.com for the great GarageParty2008!! Nice job! #
  • Don’t forget – 200th episode spectacular tomorrow night – 9pm ET live on Ustream! Check out http://www.zaldor.com for details! #
  • @calilewis Laser Cats are awesome! in 3d!! 😉 #
  • Prepping karaoke songs to be played on 200th episode tomorrow night – http://www.zaldor.com #
  • @Barely Sweet – What net games do you have? #
  • Episode 200 of Zaldor’s World will be streamed live tonight – go to http://www.zaldor.com for details! #
  • Anyone want to leave VM for my 200th episode? call 206-666-4644 and I’ll play it at 9pm tonight live on Ustream.tv! http://www.zaldor.com #
  • @kroosh Check 7-11 or other convenience stores? #
  • @bigshow Thank you – that was an awesome voicemail!! 🙂 #
  • Don’t forget! Tonight at 9pm ET – 200th episode of Zaldor’s World live on Ustream.tv – live calls, voicemails, karaoke, and more! #
  • Thanks to all that have sent in voicemails for the show! you can too: 206-666-4644 – more details at http://www.zaldor.com #
  • @hoohoonick just be careful, iTunes will want to install Safari in the near future with their auto-update thingie that comes with iTunes… #
  • @hoohoonick btw, i’ve got the 2 mika songs in the que to play in 200ep. #
  • @philosophyguy Thanks for the 200th show vmail!! #
  • Getting everything ready for my first, and only, 200th episode! Recording tonight, streaming live on Ustream.tv! http://www.zaldor.com #

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200th Episode THIS weekend live on Ustream!!!


200 episodes. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years, and 200 episodes!

To celebrate – I’m having a big 200 episode extravaganza this Sunday (April 6th) at 9pm ET on Ustream.tv!

I’ll be playing music, taking calls, playing voice mails – all live for you to listen and participate!

Go to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/zaldors-world-podcast and sign up for an account so you can participate in the chat!

If you want to call in – you can either call in via SKYPE by adding my user ‘zaldor_one’ or you can call my SKYPE-IN number (313) 429-0801

When i’m recording, If you call in – I’ll stop the song and take you call! The more crazy the better! Lets have fun for this 200th episode!!

If you can’t make it for the show, check out the web site after, it will be all available to download! http://www.zaldor.com

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-05

  • TwitterPeeps! Slow here hosting karaoke, DM me some songs I can sing! #
  • Got a couple requests! Keep em coming ! #
  • I’m recording karaoke, will play some during 200 episode on Sunday! I’ll give shout outs tonight in the bar for requests! #
  • @irsocal STP! hope i can see em live in Detroit this time! #
  • @templestark Now we’re talking! a challenge with Iron Butterfly! #
  • @magikjaz ya got it! Chef later! #
  • @bigshow congrats! i’m still trying to live thru those damn gator like monsters! #
  • @bigshow @barely we’ll have to play Mario cart DS! #
  • @bigshow yeah and you’ll kick my ass again! #
  • @bigshow I think we need to email @barely our friend codes ! maybe play tonight ? #
  • @jasperplannine Nothing wrong with a house party – it’ll be a good show! #
  • @bigshow Well, we’ll need to show @barely the ways of the Arr Four! 😉 #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-04

  • @templestark I was gonna say ‘Games Without Frontiers’ ! LOI #
  • Can someone point me to the exit of this rollercoaster? I wanna get off. #
  • @P_Dub Heh, yeah, can’t get any worse, right? Oh, maybe it can… #
  • @krashcoarse Lucky you – white stuff! Happy to say I think we’re done with it here in Detroit until end of this year! 😉 #
  • don’t forget! This Sunday, 9pm ET on Ustream.tv – Zaldor’s World episode 200 LIVE! #
  • @julien LOL I think i’ve bought you a few times on Facebook! 😉 #
  • I think i’ll take big advantage of the free drinks tonight while hosting at karaoke… #
  • @croncast And here I thought you only went out of the house to travel to other cities? #
  • @zaren Well if you ever feel like making the trek out to Wyandotte, you’re welcome to come to the bar where I host karaoke! #
  • Retweeting @matthewebel: New blog post: May 18 • House Concert in Livonia, Michigan http://tinyurl.com/6n5m8w – I’ll be there! #
  • @ToasterBoy Domo arigato Mr Roboto! 😉 #
  • @ToasterBoy I think Killroy Was Here is a good Styx album – I like most of the songs on it! #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-03

  • @WarrenKelly Nope easy to set up a NING ! piece of cake! #
  • @IRNewZealand It’ll be 3rd and 4th time seeing them – 2nd was in Feb, 1st was about 1 1/2 yrs ago in Flint #
  • @throwingtoasters Great Road Trip video! http://tinyurl.com/2nqkdb – Trent loved it!! #
  • @throwingtoaster Great Road Trip video! http://tinyurl.com/2nqkdb – Trent loved it!! #
  • Updating main http://www.t-rentshow.com to wp2.5 ! #
  • @bigshow Yep – Seriously, I am going to use the H2 with him this weekend! #
  • @shelly LOI !!! Yeah the H2 Tyke Tazer! I love it! I’ll have to figure how to rig that up! 😉 #
  • Successfully upgraded http://www.t-rentshow.com to WP2.5! Too easy! #
  • Next upgrade to WP2.5: http://www.zaldor.com ! #
  • Awesome – upgrade to 2.5 didn’t mess with my sidebar, homepage – making this very painless! #
  • @JasperPlanNine People still vote? I haven’t voted for anyone on PodcastAlley in almost 1 year #
  • I think with all the RickRolling going around, all should buy greatest hits that come out at the end of this month! http://snurl.com/23bvx #
  • @killyourfm Sweet! And if you want to hear an interview with the band, check out Zaldor’s World 199 http://www.zaldor.com #
  • @ToasterBoy Great ‘road trip’ video, btw – Trent loved it! #
  • extremely busy at work, this has been a week from hell… #
  • Hosting karaoke tonight in Wyandotte – DM me some song suggestions, will try to include recordings in upcoming ZW episode #
  • Listening to @bigshow and nodding head when Aaron saying that i’d be there for his b-day to hear him sing that song! 😉 #
  • @matthewebel Lucky for you – your life will become complete very soon!! 😉 😉 #
  • @bigshow Yup, you hit it on the money, my friend! #
  • Anyone know of a great file renamer program for WindowsXP? #
  • Ahhh! Tweets without names! #
  • @transmatrix Looks good! Thanks! 🙂 #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-02

  • @blueeyedbanshee Daily – on occasion they have a woot-off where they run multiple items though #
  • @stereoradiation Unfortunately, not a single Bag of Crap! I tried! BTW, good podcast 😉 #
  • @zaren Yeah, I bought one of the battery thingies, but no BoC.. 🙁 #
  • Retweet: @MatthewEbel Live NOW! http://tinyurl.com/24kwek Wish I could watch from work!-but i’ll hopefully see him live in about 1 month! #
  • @ecedo a lot better than Detroit being #1 for riskiest home market, and #1 for most miserable! #
  • @bigshow Woo hoo! Live on Ustream!? 😉 #
  • @WarrenKelly Go to http://www.zaldorsworldnetwork.com it redirects you 😉 Thanks! #
  • Thinking that i’ll que up the dreaming and stabbing westward for the ride to get Trent #
  • Looking forward to seeing The Dreaming on Mon and Tues of next week! #

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