Twitter Updates for 2008-04-05

  • TwitterPeeps! Slow here hosting karaoke, DM me some songs I can sing! #
  • Got a couple requests! Keep em coming ! #
  • I’m recording karaoke, will play some during 200 episode on Sunday! I’ll give shout outs tonight in the bar for requests! #
  • @irsocal STP! hope i can see em live in Detroit this time! #
  • @templestark Now we’re talking! a challenge with Iron Butterfly! #
  • @magikjaz ya got it! Chef later! #
  • @bigshow congrats! i’m still trying to live thru those damn gator like monsters! #
  • @bigshow @barely we’ll have to play Mario cart DS! #
  • @bigshow yeah and you’ll kick my ass again! #
  • @bigshow I think we need to email @barely our friend codes ! maybe play tonight ? #
  • @jasperplannine Nothing wrong with a house party – it’ll be a good show! #
  • @bigshow Well, we’ll need to show @barely the ways of the Arr Four! 😉 #

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