#201 – Interview with Lauren Wood

Thanks for coming back after the 200th episode extravaganza – it was a lot of fun!

This episode features an incredible artist, songwriter, musician, and one of the people responsible for ending the Vietnam war (listen to the whole interview!)! I had the pleasure of interviewing Lauren Wood. It’s a lengthy interview, but well worth listening – Lauren’s career spans almost 40 years and has a huge list of accomplishments! Her latest CD (Love, Death, and Customer Service) is incredible, and i’m willing to bet you’ve heard her voice once or twice!

Enjoy the interview and let Lauren know you heard her on Zaldor’s World!

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One thought on “#201 – Interview with Lauren Wood”

  1. Wow what an interview! I had heard of her but never knew she was doing all of that. She is truly a professional! Great show Les.

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