Twitter Updates for 2008-04-03

  • @WarrenKelly Nope easy to set up a NING ! piece of cake! #
  • @IRNewZealand It’ll be 3rd and 4th time seeing them – 2nd was in Feb, 1st was about 1 1/2 yrs ago in Flint #
  • @throwingtoasters Great Road Trip video! – Trent loved it!! #
  • @throwingtoaster Great Road Trip video! – Trent loved it!! #
  • Updating main to wp2.5 ! #
  • @bigshow Yep – Seriously, I am going to use the H2 with him this weekend! #
  • @shelly LOI !!! Yeah the H2 Tyke Tazer! I love it! I’ll have to figure how to rig that up! 😉 #
  • Successfully upgraded to WP2.5! Too easy! #
  • Next upgrade to WP2.5: ! #
  • Awesome – upgrade to 2.5 didn’t mess with my sidebar, homepage – making this very painless! #
  • @JasperPlanNine People still vote? I haven’t voted for anyone on PodcastAlley in almost 1 year #
  • I think with all the RickRolling going around, all should buy greatest hits that come out at the end of this month! #
  • @killyourfm Sweet! And if you want to hear an interview with the band, check out Zaldor’s World 199 #
  • @ToasterBoy Great ‘road trip’ video, btw – Trent loved it! #
  • extremely busy at work, this has been a week from hell… #
  • Hosting karaoke tonight in Wyandotte – DM me some song suggestions, will try to include recordings in upcoming ZW episode #
  • Listening to @bigshow and nodding head when Aaron saying that i’d be there for his b-day to hear him sing that song! 😉 #
  • @matthewebel Lucky for you – your life will become complete very soon!! 😉 😉 #
  • @bigshow Yup, you hit it on the money, my friend! #
  • Anyone know of a great file renamer program for WindowsXP? #
  • Ahhh! Tweets without names! #
  • @transmatrix Looks good! Thanks! 🙂 #

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