#197 – Stars Go Dim

Thanks to everyone for checking out the show – I hope you enjoy this great interview that I did with Joey Avalos of the band Stars Go Dim!

This episode features 2 songs from Stars Go Dim, as well as one song from an artist they help manage, Casey Frazier.

If you enjoyed Stars Go Dim’s music, be sure to vote for them in the FameCast.com contest – they’re in the top 10 and have a good chance of winning!

Also, thanks to the anonymous caller with the voice mail about The Dreaming interview! Glad you enjoyed it, and hope that you and others will see The Dreaming when they come near you – well worth the money!

Promos in podcast:

UC Radio – Jeff Healey Tribute show
Music Remyx

Check out the video and vote for Stars Go Dim at FameCast.com!

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