Live from the Rifle River!

It’s another (yes another) episode of Zaldor’s World – Yes, we’re live at Riverview Campgrounds in Sterling Michigan!

Might not be uploading shows as often as I thought, they’ve got wireless, but the source is a sat-internet connection! slow upload speed!!!

Music Played:

American Heartbreak
Brother Love

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On our way to the campground!

We’re on our way! Camping for the weekend!

Music from:
Adrina Thorpe
Tara Lee Cobble
(from podsafe music network)

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Detroit Podcasters Rule!

It’s that time again, time for the monthly meetup with the Detroit Podcasters!

This month, we have Matt (Digital Detroit Radio), Chris (Collected Comics Library), Mike (Most People Are DJ’s), and Les (Zaldor’s World) all in one room at Elephant Bar in West Bloomfield Michigan! Great conversation about podcasting, music, and much more!

Music Played:

Amazon Blonde
The Transfer
Motown Rage

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Episode #39 – Now with Skype added for freshness!

PodCastIt’s episode #39 – and you’re not!

Music Played:

Machete Ave.

And a Skype call with Matt from Digital Detroit Radio!

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12 more Episodes until 50!

PodcastEpisode #38

I’m almost at Episode #50, will you be on it???? Send me a voice mail (206-202-4LES or 206-666-4644) if you want to be on future podcasts – and maybe you’ll make my Episode #50 podcast!

#38 is Sound clips from my wild nite at Somewhere Bar and No Grill in Wyandotte, and music of:

National Holiday

Derek Miller (Pocketbook)

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Episode # 37!

Episode # 37

Music and my first solo Skype call (at the end)!!

Music Played:

Kirk McFee

NIN Tickets!!!

Today I purchased my tickets for the big NIN show on Oct 8th at Joe Louis arena!! I’ve got 2 general admission (floor) tickets – and since i’m a NIN Spiral (fan club) member, I’m able to use a special member only entrance, and am able to enter in earlier than the general public! 🙂 I can’t wait until Oct!!!! 🙂

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It’s a Car-Podcast!

Episode #36 – From my car in Detroit – filled with Music, podcasting rants, and possible car-crashes!

Music Played:

The Pursuit Of Happiness
Liquid Motor Commission


Association Of Music Podcasters

PodCheck Weekly
The Big Show
Late Night With Mr. X & Just Julie
JawBone Radio
RedBoy Podcast
She Said – He Said

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YAP! (Yet Another Podcast!)

Did a podcast with my son, Trent – talked a little, played some tunes! Hopefully will be more with him in the future!

Music Played:
Amazon Blonde

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