The Zaldor World Promo

Here it is, the official Zaldor’s World Promo – Feel free to play it as much as you can to get the word out about Zaldor’s World!

More great music!

It’s that time again, and I’m back this episode!

Music from:

All Bands can be found on Magnatune
Self Delusion

Voice mails from :

Matt @ Digital Detroit Radio
Cat @ The Catfish Show!

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Episode #52 – The Takeover show!

Zaldor’s world is taken over! Listen to see the goings on!

Music Played:

Sophia Ramos
Kim Cahill (From FOAM CD)
Stephanie Richards

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Help The Red Cross Katrina Relief and get great music!

CD Baby has gathered up many of their artists which have agreed to donate the entire wholesale price to the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund – With music ranging from Electronic to Spoken Word, there should be a CD for everyone!

Go here to see the list of genres, buy some great music, and help the Red Cross

(Also posted to

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Important Announcement!

Simulcast Information

Episode #51 – The Mayhem of Metal

Yes, I wanted to do one more… just one more fix… 😉

WARNING: This episode is chock full of Hard Metal goodness – if you’re of the faint of heart, experience faintness, shortness of breath, of any other odd strange things… you might want to skip this show! 😉

Music Played:

Bad Boy Plague
Splinter Cell

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It’s Episode 50!!

Yes friends, it’s my 50th Episode!
Listen to all the fun, thrills, excitement, and the other stuff too… mostly other stuff… It’s just Trent and I talking from our weekend get-away in Gaylord, Michigan… Weeee 😉

Music Played:

The Pursuit Of Happiness
National Holiday

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Just a beautiful drive!

Recorded on my drive to Aurora Ohio for the bash!

Music Played:
Blood Ruby
Nadir/Distorted Soul
Amanda Sena

Next episode is the big 50! Send me comments, Voice Mails, anything – and I’ll play it on 50!!

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Episode #48

It’s Episode Number 48! One more episode until the big 50!

Talk about helping the hurricane victims, go to Red Cross to help!

Music Played:

Lizette &
Motown Rage

Shows Mentioned:
Dave’s Lounge
Daily Source Code
The Dreaming
Wichita Rutherford

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