Podcasters Meetup in Novi!

Episode #28 – The return of the Detroit Podcasters to Novi!

Episode includes the music of:

Das – Evolution
William Shatner
Liquid Motor Commission

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Can you believe it’s almost Memorial day weekend?!

Sorry a little late, had a few problems with the audio – had to edit it a bit! But all good now!
Podcast # 27!!

Music From:

Mojo Filter
Samantha Murphy
The Transfer
Croc Shop

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Music in this podcast!

It’s a music podcast! #26 – I test out my USB microphone and deal with the echo in my ears!

Music from:

Broken Sunday
The Pursuit Of Happiness
Brain Toy

Feel free to email, skype (zaldor_one), comment at www.zaldor.com, phone comment (206-666-4644) me any time with your thoughts on the show, the music, or whatever comes to mind!

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Yes – Yet another Star Wars -Cast

Podcast # 25 –

I did a podcast just about the trip to see Star Wars with Trent on Wed/Thurs at 12:01 – Enjoy!

Star Wars Episode 3 Released!

Went and saw the midnight show of Star Wars Episode 3 with Trent tonight, and it was incredible! Well worth the wait, but wish Lucas would do more! I’ll have a podcast of the event later this week! 🙂

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Big exciting news today

But I don’t wanna let the cat out of the bag just yet… Lets just say there are plans in the works for me to interview the lead singer of one of my favorite Canadian bands from the 80’s/90’s… And if you’re a music fan from back then, you’ve heard them… Their big hit came out in 1987… I’ve seen them in concert twice (both in Windsor) and have all their CDs! He’s given me the okay to play any of their songs, so I’ll probably play one on the next podcast… Stay subscribed!

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Hey – it’s about damn time!

Finally getting out podcast #24! Sorry for the delays! And sorry for my rough sounding voice too!!

Featured Music:

Robots In Disguise
Mommy And Daddy
Sold Out
Sisters Of Sharon
Diana Gone Wrong
Danielle McKee

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These words are nothing more than pixels on a screen…

Zaldor’s World Podcast #23 – for May 8th, 2005!

Trying a new bitrate, and playing cover songs too (ala Coverville) Don’t worry Brian, i’m not going to do it often!


Wish (Nine Inch Nails) by Linkin Park
Inside You (PWEI) by The Wonderstuff
Rebel Rebel (David Bowie) by Dead Or Alive
Cold As Ice (Foreigner) by Sebadoh

Please leave me a comment, email me, or leave a voice mail at 206-666-4644 and let me know what you think of the podcast!

And drop me a vote at Podcast Alley!

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I think the lyrics titles were much more interesting…

Hey – it’s about time I did another podcast! This time, live from my car!

Songs from:

VNV Nation
Destination Oblivion
Radio Free America

and lots of me talking about podcasting!

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You’ve finally found the place where you belong…With Teeth

With Teeth - NIN
In case you haven’t been playing along, today is the official release date of ‘With Teeth’ by Nine Inch Nails! The long awaited follow up to ‘The Fragile’ and I’m on my way to pick up my copy! Of course, I’ve already heard it, and it’s growing on me – looking forward to listening to the Dual Disc version…

And I guess this also means I have to start thinking up titles again… *sigh* 😉

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There is no love here and there is no pain, Every day is exactly the same

Time again for another exciting episode of Zaldor’s World!

Tonight I feature 3 great bands, play a couple voice mails, and torture you with another karaoke medley!


Broken Sunday
Ray Street Park

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