I have arrived and this time you should believe the hype

Woo hoo!! Just got home from the bar – where I sung some Karaoke (of course), and on a whim I decided to play Club Keno – $10 for 5 numbers, 5 draws…. and I won $40!!! Too way cool! 🙂

So I walked in there with $60, walked about with $65 or so – and had about 5-6 drinks! Not bad, if I say so myself … 🙂

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  1. Elizabeth March 9, 2005 9:46 AM

    Very cool! Definitely better than coming out with less money! 😛 I’ve never had any luck with that club Keno stuff…one time I won like $5 or something…

    song = starfuckers, inc ( I totally cheated but now I wanna hear that song )

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