Covered in hope.. and vaseline…

Well, I had thought about making another podcast tonight, but didn’t turn out that way.

Maybe will do one in a day or so – I need to improve the abysmalness that was my first podcast! I’m sorry for the poor quality of the ‘mobile’ recordings, i’m working on fixing that – but it’s not really designed to be cd-quality, more like something to give you a taste of what it feels like to be there… and I hope, even with the poor quality, you could tell that.

I’m open to any and all constructive criticism, suggestions, or anyone that wants me to just shut the hell up… Post a comment!!

The weekend was good – lots of Karaoke (as you heard some if ya listened to the Podcast), and Finding Nemo on Ice today… That was good, but pretty much just the movie on ice… Still worth the money, and Trent enjoyed it – which is what’s important!

Back to work tomorrow, ugh – I feel it’s gonna be a hell of a week too.

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2 thoughts on “Covered in hope.. and vaseline…”

  1. Thanks for making it out to Somewhere this weekend. Looking forward to your next visit, as it is always a good time to have one of my best buds up there. Can’t wait to get started on a “Les and Wood” podcast. Get ahold of me tomorrow……………Wood

    P.S. Did ya think of any good subject matters to discuss?

  2. I was going to buy a mini recorder to record MissMuffet singing her ABC’s in the car!

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