You should always listen to your inner voice… I should have yesterday, and because I didn’t I’m paying for it today! Yesterday at work, I said to myself, I should take the afternoon off and get my eyes checked out and get new contacts… Well, that evening, as I was driving to a friends, my left eye started bothering me… Itching… so of course, I rubbed it. After a little while, it continued but got worse, and then I felt my contact slide off the front of my eye and to the side… OWCH. (All this while I’m driving!) So I worked on getting it out of my eye, after about 10 minutes or so, I finally did. At the next light I looked at it, and there was 1/4 of it missing! I then realized, IT WAS STILL IN MY EYE! Shit!! So I continued to try to get that part out also, and finally did after about 20 minutes of trying. Needless to say, my eye was quite red and irritated. But during dinner it did get better…

So now, I’m here getting ready to go to the doctor’s and make sure I didn’t scratch my eye, and also to get new contacts… Why didn’t I listen to myself yesterday?!?!

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes…”

  1. Yep, my best advice comes from myself. ha

    I think if I have time next week when I’m off I’m going to work on a skin for you.

  2. Always listen to yourself…just don’t let anyone hear you talk to yourself too much! 😛

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