It’s time.

2 weeks from today, I’ll be reaching the big 35… Ugh. But I think it’s time that I take another step in my life, and change things again… Version 3.5, I like to think of it as… When I reached version 3.0, I made many changes – and most of them are active now, and I feel that I’m a better person because of these changes. Now, at 3.5, I am planning on making more changes. Some immediate, some might take the course of the next 5 years… But I’m making changes. I’m using my 35th birthday as a kick in the ass to reach the “next level”.

What sort of changes, you may ask? You’ll just have to wait and see… I try not to be all public, to anyone, about the changes I plan to make…

However, what changes did I make for version 3.0? That I can tell you about…

I told myself that I would be more outgoing, positive, friendly, worry less, work on not being concerned about what others think about me, nd become the man I want to be. This is still going on, but I think it’s going well enough that I can concentrate on other areas and continue this change as well. Starting to sing Karaoke probably was the best thing I did to help this – I’ve noticed in myself that I have no problem going in front of people I don’t even know and belting out a song with my heart… In fact, I would have no problem going to a brand new bar, not knowing anyone, and singing all night long. I hope that one day I can even be part of a band – I’ve sung with a band many times in the last year, but I’d like to do it as a member, not a ‘guest singer’…

I also wanted to be less work oriented – and I did this change last year. Yes, I am very devoted to my job, but I no longer have a job where I am under the type of stress I once had, and working for the boss which thinks that one’s job should come before all other things in your life.

Sure I’ve stumbled along the way, some things never go as planned. But I feel the last 5 years of my life have been a major change from the 10-15 years before 3.0, and a complete change for the better.

So watch out – I’m making more improvements, more tweaks in the operating system, more upgrades and rebuilds… And it will be all for the better! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “It’s time.”

  1. I hope you become the man you’ve always wanted to be. Just remember, you’ll always be loved and appreciated no matter what changes you make.

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