#247 – Carcast ramblings and more!

Yes, it’s another car-cast episode! More of me this episode, as I try to change up the “format” a little – nothing major though!

Don’t forget to call the voice mail line: 206-666-4644 !

Sites I talked about:

PlayOn TV
The Big Show

Music from:

We Got This Far (myspace)
Core Effect
Trey Green (myspace) (facebook)
Chiwawa (itunes) (cdbaby)
Swimming In Speakers (100000fans)

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Episode #219 – What the F***!?!?

This is one crazy episode – jam packed with music and voice mails – as well as my rambling on about the changes with my karaoke schedule and my recent computer problems…

Music From:

(Bands below all found via Ariel Publicity)
Astronauts of Antiquity
Trey Green
Dare Dukes (twitter)
Chrissy Coughlin (twitter)

Podcasts/Sites Mentioned
UC Radio
Windy City Radio

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