#212 – Music, Voicemail, and Hope

Congratulations to the 44th president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama!! I’m proud to say that I helped elect that man into office, and I’m ready to help him turn this country around after the crap it’s been through the last 8 years.

This episode is full of music which I know you’ll all enjoy, has all sorts to listen to – from pop to rock, and even a little piano too !

Oh, and did I mention there are 3 voice mails too? Yup – From JB Said, Country Coworker, and Country Cousin! Great stuff, thanks for calling in guys! 206-666-4644 is the number if you wanna do the same!

Music from:

Kati Mac (Found from Ariel Publicity)
Stars Go Dim
Five A.M. (Found from Ariel Publicity)
Last November (Found from Ariel Publicity)
Little Plastic Stars

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Political views from a 4 yr old…

I normally don’t post from work, but this was special… brought tears to my eyes:

My 4 yr old nephew had a friend over today. This is the conversation my sister overheard (she wasn’t in the room).

Nephew: “Sam, did you hear? We have a new president!”

Friend: “Yeah, I know.”

Nephew: “Barack Obama is our new president. Isn’t that sweet?”

Friend: “Yeah! Now we have hope!”

Nephew: “Yeah! I know!”

From my sister: “No mention of the color of President Obama’s skin (or the color of his supporter’s skin). No mention of his policies. No mention of where he went to school. No mention of how much or how little experience he has. No mention of the wealthy, the poor, the unemployed, the sick, the republicans, the democrats.

No bashing of McCain or Palin. No calling names. No self-righteousness. No condescending remarks. No mentions of leaving the US because they didn’t like the outcome.

Just hope.

Hope for a better tomorrow and a unified United States of America. Perhaps we should listen a little more carefully to the future of these United States.

Can you really disagree with that?

That’s enough for me.”

I couldn’t agree with you more sis.

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