Back again!

Okay, so I didn’t do this on a weekly basis – but i’m trying for monthly!!

Talk about Jack @ Wander Radio or this link too, Laurie @ Insomnia Radio: New Zealand, Detroit Tigers, Tigger, being hacked, Disabled Cars, and more!

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#333 – Epic show of Detroit Music and More

This show is epic – tried to bring as much of it to you as possible, but ya had to be there! I have videos on YouTube of the bands performing too – be sure to check those out!!  Recorded mostly at Rack & Roll in Riverview, MI –

Interviews and music from:

The Pilz (Be sure to listen to interrview I did with The Pilz on IR:Detroit # 22)
Potty Mouth Sissys
Robots In The Garden
and the cast of the Olin Ezra Show!

Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #333 – Epic show of Detroit Music and More

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#192 – First live broadcast!!

This was an experiment – one that I think went pretty well. I recorded my show and had it broadcast via while I was recording it! I had two people listen to my recording, Jack from Wander Radio, and Kara from Insomnia Radio:Chicago! I really appreciate both of them for listening and providing feedback!

No video in this episode – maybe in a future one though!

I played 4 mellow songs, kinda to ease us into 2008 – and have no fear, episode 193 will be a hard rockin’ episode! It’s possible the next episode may be live too – keep your eyes peeled on Twitter!!!

Music from:

Havilah Tower and The Seekers
The Brother Egg
Justin Ross Band
Farewell Redemption

Podcasts Mentioned:

Most People Are DJs
UC Radio Podshow
Wander Radio
Insomnia Radio:Detroit
Insomnia Radio:Chicago

Check out the site i’m working on: IndieMusic Project:Detroit!

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