#341 – Zaldor In Jail????

This episode features the adventure I went on earlier this week that almost got me mixed up in jail!! Lots of great music and information from CCW on getting booked… how does he know about that???

Music from:

Panic Cell
The FUMP (Robert Lund)
Lit On The Flash
Dead Canary
Beau Hall
Matt Commerce
Ray Street Park

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #341 – Zaldor In Jail????

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One thought on “#341 – Zaldor In Jail????”

  1. The song from Panic Cell rocked! And the “Jail” song by the FUMP made me LOL! That was silly!

    Seems like The Country Coworker knows a lot of things about what going to jail is like, and how that whole process works, for some reason…. including how the fingerprinting process works.

    Do they still fingerprint people using ink? I was fingerprinted twice, and both times involved one of those machines that scans your fingerprints. The first time I was fingerprinted was when I lived in Illinois and was working as a teacher at a day care center. The county I worked in required all day care teachers to have their fingerprints taken. The second time was when I started working as a teacher’s aide in California. California fingerprints all of it’s teachers. They didn’t use ink, just a machine that scans.

    I laughed when The Country Coworker wondered if NaPodPoMo counted as a gang affiliation! 😀

    This was an extremely interesting episode!

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