#348 – Bringing back The Ray Street Park!!

This episode features music and an interview with Ray Street Park – one of the hardest working rock bands in Detroit! This interview was recorded outside the Rack & Roll in Riverview Michigan – a great place to see local Detroit music!

I first interviewed RSP back in January of 2006 on episode 72, it was good to catch back to to these guys and see what they’ve been up to in the last 4 years!

 As an added bonus – check out this great cover RSP did of “Heaven and Hell” at the Rack and Roll:



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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #348 – Bringing back The Ray Street Park!!

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#341 – Zaldor In Jail????

This episode features the adventure I went on earlier this week that almost got me mixed up in jail!! Lots of great music and information from CCW on getting booked… how does he know about that???

Music from:

Panic Cell
The FUMP (Robert Lund)
Lit On The Flash
Dead Canary
Beau Hall
Matt Commerce
Ray Street Park

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #341 – Zaldor In Jail????

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#198 – A Trip down memory lane…

Hard to believe that i’m almost to 200 episodes!

In this episode, I decided to take a trip back and look at some artists that I played on Zaldor’s World in the past and see how they’re doing today!

This episode was also broadcast live via Ustream.tv – which I hope to be doing for episode #200 soon! Go to http://www.ustream.tv and sign up so you can see the show live, and if you want to call in, my Skype ID is ZALDOR_ONE !

Music Played:

Lennon (First Played on episode #60!)
The Transfer (First Played on episode #27)
Ray Street Park (First Played on episode #10)
The Beggars (Never before played on Zaldor’s World?! You can hear interview with them on IR:Detroit#9)
Munk (First Played on episode #98)
Lizette& (First Played on episode #48)
Larry Dane

Voice Mails from:

Country Co-Worker
Country Cousin
Freaky Co-worker
Larry Dane

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