#222 – Return To Industrial

This episode’s been bubbling in my brain ever since Aaron sent me a copy of his new CD, ‘A Transmission of Data In The Static’ – which I start this episode off with a great song from that CD – and continue along the industrial genre…

Music from:

Blind With Rain
46Bliss (found via Ariel Publicity)
Hate In The Machine

Podcast mentioned:

The Big show – I’m guest cohosting on latest episode!

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2 thoughts on “#222 – Return To Industrial”

  1. OK, The call yourself thing… Did you really think that was funny?
    We hear you talk to yourself EVERY episode (excluding the interviews of coarse). I pretty much assumed that you did that all the time while trying to decide what music to put in each episode…

    Now it would have been funny if you talked to yourself and responded at the same time.
    Les: Hey look a call.
    Les on Phone: Hey Les how’s the show going?
    Les: Kind of slow going, I have this jerk from Wander radio hounding me.
    Les on Phone: Aww Man that sucks. That guy really needs to learn how to cool it before we invade again.
    Les: You got that right. What can I play for you?
    Les on Phone: How about
    Les: I just so happen to have them – how about the new track

    I think you get the idea… 😉

  2. Your next episode…episode 223 should be dedicated to me. Just sayin’


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