Episode #218 – Welcome to a new era!

This episode really isn’t about the new era of America, but I do mention it a bit. This episode is more about the music that I put into it, and I guess the voice mail from the CCW too…

Music from:

Our After
Little Plastic Stars (Happy Birthday Trevor!)

Podcasts/sites mentioned:

UC Radio
Dark Worlds Trilogy

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One thought on “Episode #218 – Welcome to a new era!”

  1. Lol thanks for the feature. So close on the age, but it’s 20. Matter of fact, with this monstrous facial hair, I’ve got people at work calling me 35, 40, Santa, Grizzly Adams, Homeless… lol yeah it’s not pretty. Next up is Chewbacca…

    The song I sent you is more-less a good representative of the sound I’m aiming for in the second release. Good stuff. I’ve got three or four absolutely kick-ass tracks that are ready for the album.

    About more live performances, I went to Trixie’s cafe recently to see The Garden Party and happen to glance over at a piano! I’m also throwing around the idea of maybe using The Garden Party as a temp band. Lol might not be as hard to accomplish as you think. The lead singer happens to be my 10th grade English teacher.

    Thanks again!


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