Episode #194 – Music and More with Les!

Hey guess what? I’m here – I’m back – and bringing you another great episode! I really like all the music in this episode, it flowed really well!

Voicemails, tales from my trip to Baltimore, and more!

Music From:

The Dora Steins (the song I wasn’t sure who sung – Thanks Trevor!!)
Stars Go Dim
Sixty Miles Down

Podcasts Mentioned:

Pacific Coast Hellway
UC Radio Podshow

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2 thoughts on “Episode #194 – Music and More with Les!”

  1. I did like all the music, but I don’t think that Stars Go Dim song would get anyone in the mood for some lovin’. 😉

    Just sayin. 😛

  2. For short it’s called “Stay”, but the official name is “Stay You Don’t Have To”.

    Song is by a band called The Dora Steins.

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