#193 – Time to Rock OUT – LIVE!

Yes, it’s that time. It’s time to rock this out. HARD, LONG, FAST, AND ROUGH.

And that’s exactly what i’m giving you, 4 great hard rocking tunes to get aggressions out!

Again, this episode was broadcast over Ustream.tv while I recorded it – sign up as a user and you can chat in the room, and be sure to have skype and maybe you can be on the show!

Music played on the show:

Laughter’s Not Enough
Shadows Lie


Black Adam Music
UC Radio Podshow
Tuesday Night Tech
Plan Nine Rock Show


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Sorry, No show tonight!

I’m sorry, I really thought I’d be doing a show tonight, but I’m feeling a little under the weather tonight – but I plan on doing a live show tomorrow – Same time – 8pm ET!

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I’m still here!

Okay, so it’s been almost 2 weeks since I did my last show, I’ve struggled to keep a weekly show for quite a while – But have no fear, I will be returning soon! I’m thinking it will be SUNDAY night, and I’m going to try the live recording again via ustream.tv, so get your accounts set up! I’m thinking around 8pm ET on Sunday – Sound good to everyone? Be warned, this episode will be filled with some hard rock music to get your aggressions out…

it’s time.

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#192 – First live broadcast!!

This was an experiment – one that I think went pretty well. I recorded my show and had it broadcast via Ustream.tv while I was recording it! I had two people listen to my recording, Jack from Wander Radio, and Kara from Insomnia Radio:Chicago! I really appreciate both of them for listening and providing feedback!

No video in this episode – maybe in a future one though!

I played 4 mellow songs, kinda to ease us into 2008 – and have no fear, episode 193 will be a hard rockin’ episode! It’s possible the next episode may be live too – keep your eyes peeled on Twitter!!!

Music from:

Havilah Tower and The Seekers
The Brother Egg
Justin Ross Band
Farewell Redemption

Podcasts Mentioned:

Most People Are DJs
UC Radio Podshow
Wander Radio
Insomnia Radio:Detroit
Insomnia Radio:Chicago

Check out the site i’m working on: IndieMusic Project:Detroit!

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