#178 – Back and Rocking!

Yes, I’m back – and gonna give you a non-interview episode of Zaldor’s World!

This playlist evolved as I created it, eventually turned into a hard rocking group of songs – and I like it that way!!

Also have the Country Co-worker checking in a few times, as well as a cool Confessions Of A DJ promo at the end!

Music From:

The Idea (Buy Their CD )
M.A.D. (Maniacal Area Damage)
The Billy Martini Show (Buy Their CD )
Basic Rock Outfit (B.R.O.)

Sites / Podcasts Mentioned:

CNN Podcasts
Insomnia Radio
TLP Show on Insomnia Radio
Confessions Of A DJ

Thanks for listening – tell your friends to listen! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “#178 – Back and Rocking!”

  1. Yeah, and Clearwater’s in Florida too 🙂

    True, Tampa and Clearwater aren’t exactly close – but still – it’s Florida!


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