Twitter Updates for 2007-07-20

  • From EP115: “You’ll brush my teeth, and you’ll like it!!” LOL good story/episode #
  • Listening to SynDown #16 – Great music, no talk in this episode! Man I miss Industrial Radio Podcast! #
  • @MYN Very cool idea Mark! Hope more Music Supervisors (and others) take notice! #
  • at lunch with spiff ( #
  • @bigshow Oh, but it’s the last book, and we’re all worried about spoilers! **sarcasm** #
  • Listening to SynDown #17 – more great industrial music – KMFDM’s new song too! 🙂 #
  • Gotta love a song that repeats ‘Bind. Torture. and Kill.’ over and over.. 🙂 #
  • Real SPAM email subject: “Oprah wants you to try our cheese”… Why would Oprah want people to try cheese??? #

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