Twitter Updates for 2007-07-13

  • TMBG is on tour! They’ll be in Detroit next sunday (7/22) and it’s FREE! Might be a show to see! #
  • @redboypodcast If you have the day off, why in the world are you up so early?! #
  • Like ARGs like what NIN did for the latest CD? interested by the puzzling trailer before Transformers? Check out a related site: http://eth #
  • Like ARGs? Interested by the puzzling trailer before Transformers? More info/puzzles here : #
  • Listening to Bob & AJ #88 – quite the adventure Bob had last week with his van – Yay Canadian Tire in small town! #
  • Heading to lunch with mike of most people are djs! Yay thai! #
  • Looking at all the cool cloud formations outside makes me miss not having a digital camera with me all the time… #
  • @blueeyedbanshee My phone sucks at taking pictures. The RAZR sucks as a camera phone… 🙁 #
  • @JerseyTodd I’d love to test that out-been tempted 2 create a podcast with nothing but RIAA music and see how long it took 2 get noticed #

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