#161 – Rock & Blues with Cetan Clawson Revolution!

This episode is focused on the Rock & Blues – and features an interview with a great local band, The Cetan Clawson Revolution – This guy is 19 and really can play the guitar, and the band sounds like they’ve been playing for years, although it’s only been a few months! Check them out if you can!

I also talked about a new dancing craze, and the bet I have going with UC Radio on the next (and final) Red Wings vs Kings game in March!!

Music played:

The Cetan Clawson Revolution – White Heat
Stingray – Last Night
Train Rolls On

“Train Rolls On”
from “Train Rolls On”
by Mississippi Mudsharks
Double Barrel Records

More On This Album

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1 comment so far

  1. Jack H February 18, 2007 10:31 AM

    I wanted to wish you congradulations on the launch of Insomnia Radio Detriot!
    Another podcast to add to my long list of shows that I listen to…
    (Check out the list on my website! Yep I listen to all of them)

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