Episode 118 – Return of Banshee!

That’s right, this episode features my girlfriend, Elizabeth again! I had her pick out 3 or 4 songs off the Podsafe Music Network and we did a show together!

WARNING: Explicit language contained in this show, expecially near the end!

Music Played (in the order they were played, because we messed up one or two!):

New Bomb Turks
The Dragons
Matchbook Romance
The Joykillers

Sites/Podcasts mentioned:

St. Claire Shores Radio
Audio Gumshoe
Urban Dictionary (Merkin) (Weenis)

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One thought on “Episode 118 – Return of Banshee!”

  1. I know it looks bad that I’m commenting yet again on an episode where I show up but ummm…

    I am so kickin’ your ass!!!!

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