Episode 69 – Christmas Episode!

Merry Christmas everyone! This is the first annual christmas episode of Zaldor’s World – and I play some great christmas tunes for you!

Music Played:
Gigets Ga Ga
The Sterilles
Heth And Jed
The Rad Dudes

Podcasts Mentioned/Promoed:
Most People Are DJs
Podcheck Review
The Audio Collective

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One thought on “Episode 69 – Christmas Episode!”

  1. So good to know that the Sterilles are still alive…Alive I say…it was a very long time ago. If I’m calculating correctly the first gig of the Sterilles was 20 years ago. I remember it well, cause I am a Sterille or was a Sterille we’re all old now, but we have good intentions.

    Cheers and Happy New Year…keep the myth alive.

    Aan Leadingham (no tattoos)

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