i will take my place – in the great below

Hey – guess what! I’ve got podcast #7 up! Be sure to check it out, and i’m interested to know how the volume levels sound. It’s strange, when i’m playing it on my PC, it’s VERY loud. But when I play it on my iRiver, it’s quiet… what the hell? Anyone have any ideas?

Anyways, schek it out! 😉

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2 thoughts on “i will take my place – in the great below”

  1. What’s iRiver. I have a feeling I’ve heard the name before. Yes, I could look it up but I thought your explanation might be more fun.

  2. Whoa you’re into NIN?
    yeah ‘the fragile’ is pretty fucking brilliant as far as depressing music goes, ‘the great below’ is one of my favourite songs on the disc, pretty awesome. love it’s depth, and it’s so sad even though it’s so quiet .. did i tell you trent reznor makes bloody good instrumentals as well? i was really impressed by the ones on CD1, esp ‘pilgrimage’ .. other songs like ‘the wretched’ were grea, i enjoyed ‘the fragile’ even though CD2 seemed disconnected and didn’t flow on as much as CD1, with wierd songs like ‘ripe [with decay]’. anyway gtg , cya, have fun with NIN.

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