I’m gonna get so high

Happy Easter everybody out there in the internet world!

Hope everyone had a great day! Just got home, and coming down from the sugar high… lol

Ever notice how when ya eat a row of peeps, you get this horrible sugar headache for a minute or two? OH MY GOD…. oh… wait… it’s still easter, I shouldn’t be saying ‘god’… nor should I swear… shit. Man, I’m gonna go to hell I’m sure… damn.

Ummm… okay, well… hopefully I’ll be around tomorrow, unless god strikes me down tonight for saying the shitty words that I’ve been saying… ummm…

Happy Easter Everybody!


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One thought on “I’m gonna get so high”

  1. You have to wait till the peeps have been exposed to the air for a while and they get crunchy!!!! šŸ˜› Anyway…sounds like you had a fun Easter! šŸ™‚

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