Every time I get hot, you wanna cool down

OK, I’m uploading pictures! And I think I’ll finally put the link to my gallery on the sidebar too…

Plus wanted to test out the wp-gallery plugin:


This is one of the many pictures from the Monster Truck Jam that Trent and I went to back in January! The pictures which have “trent” near the end are the ones he took!

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3 thoughts on “Every time I get hot, you wanna cool down”

  1. Song = Get Down Make Love (I cheated)
    As you well know…I have Gravedigger in my hatch!! 😛
    I will have to bring back Kid Galahad to check out the pictures!

  2. Hey Les!

    Just wanted to let you know how much I like the new look. Crisp and clean. Nice work!

  3. I want a gallery too. But that on your list. I am so going to owe you big time my man!!!

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