Hey some good news!

I’m so geeked! Was posting at one of my fave local band’s web site, and posted the title of a Stabbing Westward song (Wasted) – and thought I should see how long it’s been since their last album came out… So I decided to head over to Amazon and looked at Stabbing Westward , noticed that it’s been 3 years since their last self titled album came out… checked out the ‘Essential’ release that came out last year… Scrolled down to the reviews and the first one mentions that the lead singer, Chris, is with a new band – The Dreaming!! Talk about something cool! I headed over to their site, and the music is awesome!!! It’s got a hard edge to it, and still has some of the SW feel to it too… Unfortunately they don’t have the full songs streaming, but the little tease they offer of the 4 is enough to get me hooked! Now if I can only get them to come out to Michigan and play a few gigs – maybe even come out and play with one of the local bands here!

Ya never know… Chris, drop me a line – we’ll talk! 😉

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