#367 – Catching you all up!

This episode is just me catching you up with the happenings and playing some great music too! 

Talk about my karaoke, Trent, my new phone (Tmobile G2), and The Olin Ezra show!

Music from:

Israel Cannan
Mike Stout
Florida Captain
Sound Of Surrender

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #367 – Catching you all up!

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One thought on “#367 – Catching you all up!”

  1. I dig the song by Mike Stout. It’s catchy, and filled with meaning.

    Florida Captain is a strange name for a band that isn’t from Florida. I agree, the singer does sound a bit like Morressey. 🙂

    How scary, that your son was in the hospital! And later, he needed stitches? Poor kid! I am glad that he is doing ok now.

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