#335 – Rock music for ya!

Rock music and a trip to see friends you haven’t seen in 15 years – that’s what this episode is about!  Also catch you up on what’s been going on the last few weeks, as well as bring a new intro !  Thanks to Endless Noise for the intro music!

Music From:

Gods Made Love (check out the interview I did with them on IR:Detroit)
Impulsive Decision (facebook)
Million Dollar Mouth (twitter)
Satanic Punk International Conspiracy (twitter)

Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #335 – Rock music for ya!

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1 comment so far

  1. Thanks for the “shout-out”. 😀

    It was really cool to hear about how the dance at the elementary school that you were a DJ for went. It sounds it was a lot of fun, both for you and for the kids.

    Excellent music in this episode!

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