#315 – Quite a busy week!

Yes, it was a busy week, but I wanted to get a show out for ya to help calm ya down from it!

Plus I ramble on about my karaoke, the video podcast, work, jesus guns, and much more!

Music From: 

Dr. Caravan
Fine Print Pariah
The Novel Ideals
Spaceship Days

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #315 – Quite a busy week!

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One thought on “#315 – Quite a busy week!”

  1. Congrats on getting a second karaoke gig!

    I wear glasses, and never wanted contacts. Something about sticking a little plastic thing into my eye does not appeal to me. Good luck to your son, with his new contacts. I’m sure he will be happy with them. Most people are.

    Oh, and the idea of getting Lasic creeps me out too!

    In other words: Thank you for not posting video of your son putting and taking out his contacts. I wouldn’t be able to watch it. 😉

    Wonderful music on this episode! 🙂

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