#231 – More music for your soul!

Bringing you music from all different genres – from rock to trip hop, to punk! I also share my thoughts on the Detroit Red Wings, as well as how I won a new iPod touch from BravoTv!!

Music From:

M.A.D. (Maniacal Area Damage)
Queen V
The Sugar Dames
Mad Jyngals

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2 thoughts on “#231 – More music for your soul!”

  1. Alright say it with me…

    ma – NI – ahh – cal

    There has been such a long time between episodes – We are just happy to hear something coming out of this feed and not have to try can catch your happy little (ok so it isn’t so little) ass on Bounce Radio…

    So excuse the hell out of me – one time anomaly twice a pattern…
    If you don’t want to do a top pf the world no biggie…


  2. aint that some crap. not only did he win one of those new fangled music things, but then he takes the day off to wait for it to be delivered.

    heck – he could have came in and waited until the tracking number said it was in Michigan. But NO! this is Zaldor we are talking about.

    And for someone who hates apple – he seems pretty excited. But too- apples dont start growing on the trees until late next month.

    And the real looser to this whole mess is FREAKY! he sets his lunch clock by the time ol’ Zaldor gets to work!

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