Episode #208 – Music and Conversation with Jac Dalton!

Starting to be on a more regular basis, eh? See, I told ya!

This episode contains music and conversation with an incredible artist from down under – Jac Dalton. The funny thing is, he’s actually from North Carolina! Jac has quite the story to tell, and it’s well worth listening to!

I hope you enjoy the episode, and encourage Jac Dalton to come to the USA to tour! And if you like what you hear, you can pick up his CD on eMusic!!

Also, as I mentioned in the episode – i’m up for a podcast peer award! If you’re a podcaster, I’d appreciate your vote!!

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One thought on “Episode #208 – Music and Conversation with Jac Dalton!”

  1. Well done! I am privileged to know Jac, both as an Artist and as a friend. He is an exceptional man, in many ways. It is so exciting to see Jac and other Aussie musos being noticed, thanks to people like you. G’donyas!

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