Returned from camping!

Camping was a blast – you can see pictures here at my flickr page, Trent did a great job with his first time on the river alone in a kayak!

We did have a little rain on Saturday, but all in all it was a great time. Lots of fun, lots of friends, and lots of memories.

You’re welcome to check out the live page, there are some recordings there that I did while at the camp site – I even did a mini-co-host with Joe from The Next Big Thing on Bounce Radio for a little bit. It was pretty cool to be doing a live stream on Bounce from camp! Other streaming highlights were with Nick of Hoo Hoo Nick where he was singing and playing his guitar – as well as cooking some eggs while I was sitting at the picnic table! Very cool having the technology at the campground to do all that! Of course, lets not forget the skype call I did with my friend James from Minutes After Midnight – he was in Mongolia, and I was in Michigan! He was checking out the river, while I saw outside his hotel window at the capital of Mongolia! Wow.

But, it’s time to return to reality now. Work calls, the BounceRadio shows call, karaoke hosting calls, and of course both podcasts call. It’s all worth it.

I’ve got a lot of stuff ahead of me, quite a few interviews are still in need of editing – and a few are on the horizon. This is what i love to do – and I have no intention of stopping!!

Stay posted everyone, the future is before us – and it’s going to be great!

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Where is Zaldor???

I’m camping! And you can see what i’ve been up to – and maybe even catch me live!!

Go to and see the live stream! I’ll probably be broadcasting most of Saturday Afternoon and evening – and even some Friday night (right about the time of publishing this!)

So, yeah, no podcast yet – maybe something soon though – hopefully the live broadcasting will help tide you over!

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Episode #205 – Back after a break!

Can you believe that I finally did a podcast? Yes, I did. Episode #205 is ready for your listening – 5 great songs, and lots of talk about what i’ve been doing in the past month!

Music from:

Broken Day Machine
Saints and Lovers
The C Elliott Project

Promos from:
BounceRadio shows: The Industry (Mon 8p-11p ET) and Zaldor Unleashed (6pm-8pm ET)
Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd (Season 7 is out now!)
7th Son:Obsidian

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Broadcasting Live tonight (Tuesday) 6p-8pEt

It’s that time again – time for Zaldor Unleashed to hit the stream! Listen below or go to BounceRadio.Net for all the details!

Feel free to call in on the show – 313-429-0801 – request a song, or talk about whatever ya like!

Get BounceRadioOnline chat group | Goto BounceRadioOnline website

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Listen and Chat right here for my weekly shows on BounceRadio!

Mondays from 8p-11p E and Tuesdays 6p-8p E, I’m live on Bounce Radio.Net – And I’d love it if you joined in the fun!

Congratulations Detroit Red Wings!!


The cup is back where it belongs – in Detroit!!!  It was a great series against the Penguins, lots of heart-stoppers, but they pulled it out in game 6!    Friday is the parade downtown, i’m gonna try to be there and taking lots AND LOTS of pictures!!!

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Broadcasting LIVE every Tuesday 6pm-8pm ET!

By the way, if you’re missing your Zaldor fix, i’m broadcasting EVERY WEEK live on Bounce Radio!

Just go here and you can hear me on Tuesdays from 6pm-8pmET! Feel Free to join in on the chat and maybe even call in! 313-429-0801 !

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