#184 – Remember the Carcast?

Well, it’s back!

Just for this episode, I decided to do a podcast from my car – and I think it turned out pretty well!

Talk about the upcoming podcast expo, talk about Detroit Podcaster Meetup

Music from:

Wired All Wrong!

Podcasts Mentioned:

Most People Are DJ’s
Digital Detroit Radio
Plan Nine Rock Show

Don’t forget to check out the podcast i’m co-hosting (episodes 40-42) – Minutes After Midnight!

And, if you want to donate to the trip to the Expo, please use this easy to use button!

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2 thoughts on “#184 – Remember the Carcast?”

  1. Hello,

    I recently came across the Zaldor’s World Podcast and genuinely took a liking to it. Nice selection of artists and songs! We at Sarathan Records also noticed that the style of music you generally feature in your podcast is compatible with one of our Seattle artists, Two Loons for Tea. They’re an eclectic mix of indie pop, chill, and electroacoustic, and they just released their 3rd album, “Nine Lucid Dreams,” on Aug 28.

    You can preview the music or learn more about Two Loons for Tea at:

    http://www.twoloons.com (main website)

    http://www.myspace.com/twoloonsfortea (myspace)

    We hope you enjoy their music and consider them as good a fit for your podcast as we do.

    Thank you!
    Karen McGraw

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