#155 – The Anti-Christmas Episode!

Yes, it’s my christmas episode where I play 7 songs which are definitely not family/work safe – but are very good ‘anti-christmas’ tunes !!

Don’t get me wrong, I like the holidays, but there is much about it that I get stressed about and makes me want to skip the season all together! But there are some good things in it too – and it’s best to treasure the good, and ignore the bad… Sometimes it’s not that easy!

Music Played:

00:04:12 Dean Plays Hardball – Little Retail Boy (From A Very Standard Christmas)

00:07:57 Those Dreaded Gnats – Down With Xmas

00:11:50 Bubble – Christmas Here On Mars

00:14:02 Arrah and the Ferns – Merry Christmas, Not Xmas (From A Very Standard Christmas)

–Country Co-worker Checks in again!

00:22:15 Those Dreaded Gnats – Merry Fucking Xmas

00:24:42 Twisted Sister – Heavy Metal Christmas

00:29:50 Lizette& – Kill XMas

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