#145 – Rock out your aggressions!!!!

Sorry for the delay, i’m slipping on my schedule!!

Here it is, episode 145 – Music to drive fast, and get out your aggressions!!

Episode Intro by Adam @ MadTown Aces Productions!

00:03:17 Berman – Why Am I Still Here?

Comments From Darryl @ PodDog Show, Hoo Hoo Nick “Polka’s” me and more country co-worker-isms

00:11:06 Broadzilla – Y Did U Have 2B Psycho?

00:16:41 Sick As Monday – So Long

00:23:48 KATYA – Bitch And Moan

Myspace is so yesterday…

Stay tuned for another great episode!!!

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#144 – Electronic Zaldor’s World

Going to be giving ya some new wave and Electronic tunes in this episode – starting it off with an old 80’s favorite of mine – Howard Jones!!!

Show Notes:

Howard Jones Tourdates

00:03:26 Howard Jones – Building Our Own

Dog pees and causes mass blackout!

00:10:48 Neon Machine – Just for You

Exclusive! Country Co-Worker-isms!

00:17:07 Delphinium Blue– California

00:21:50 Craymo – Too Hot For Love

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#143 – Great music !

Yes, I know… It’s a little late this week, i’m sliding on my 2 shows a week schedule! I’ll work on ramping back up soon! In the meantime, enjoy this episode!

Show Notes:

Intro by Trent from T-Rent Show!

00:02:52 TOXIN TONGUES – mudkicker 2

RedWings vs Kings – WINGS WIN!
Check out Mike @ UC Radio Podshow for his talk about Chris Chelios of Red Wings!

Also, check out Pacific Coast Hellway, which Mike writes for!

Detroit Podcasters Meetup is October 24th at Bailey’s in Dearborn!

GO TIGERS! Tigers take on St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series starting tonight!

00:14:44 The Majestic Twelve – Condoleezza, Check My Posse

IE 7 Released this week, Firefox 2 RC3 is out, final comes out on Oct 24th

00:21:31 Where’s Moo – Eaten Alive

00:26:56 Ballyhoo! – Cali Girl

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#142 – GO WINGS!!!

Yes, it’s another episode of Zaldor’s World – where I discuss my life and stuff like that… oh, and I play some cool music too!


00:03:41 The Shakes – Liberty Jones

Lasik @ Home

00:13:13 Aldo Rox – I am the man

The Shakes Cast

Wings Vs. Kings – Wings will rule! (UC Radio Podshow will lose this bet)

00:22:51 The Famous – Midway

Guest Host on AMPed #44

00:28:42 DOPEY LOPES – Burnout

Podcast Morons #14 and #15!

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#141 – Another Train Wreck, but great music!

Another episode from Zaldor’s World – where we talk more about meaningless stuff, but play great music!

Stuff I talked about:

Musical Condom
Tigers take on Oakland in Playoffs!
Red Wings to kick the LA Kings Ass!!

Music Played:

Wired All Wrong – Lost Angeles
Shaolin Temple Of Boom – Into Nothing
Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re – Umeboshi Plums – Big Seeds

Podcasts / Sites Mentioned

UC Radio Podshow
The Detroit PodShow
Desperate Husbands
7th Son 2nd Book
Suicide Girls Live

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#140 – Top Of Zaldor’s World

It’s time again, time for another Top of Zaldor’s World! This episode, I’ve decided to unleash some industrial and electronic music out on you (In hopes that my friend Jon @ Industrial Radio will start podcasting again!) hope you enjoy!

Music Played:

Steaming Dookies
Ghost In The Machine
Vendetta Blitz
Die Warzau

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