I don’t wanna give a title.

Hi ya all you wonderful peoples in wonderland… I’m just chuggin’ along here, my karaoke-addicted ass and all… My son is with me this weekend, and we plan on having fun… tomorrow (or today, actually) is his 2nd week of basketball practice – I plan on having pictures from that… and we also plan on having fun at the LAN party tonight too.. it’ll be his first LAN party that he participates in… should be interesting… Tomorrow we’ll be chillin’ mostly, practicing spelling words, and winding down the weekend. Any way we can get weekends extended, by chance? I wish someone would pass a law that would extend the weekends an extra day or two… maybe we should consult Kerry on that one, eh?

Anyways – it’s bed-time here at the Zaldor home… have a good nite.

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