Blue October – Royal Oak Music Theater, October 11th, 2018

Passion.  That is what you feel from a Blue October concert. The passion of the lead singer Justin Furstenfeld, the passion of the band, and the passion of the audience.  The show at Royal Oak Music Theater in Detroit was incredible, Blue October started the night with their latest single, Daylight and went into some of their older hits: The Chills and I Want it.   

The audience fed off the energy from the band, and gave it right back to them.  Many of those in the audience sung along, some just as loud as the band played!  Much of the passion felt from Justin was also in the words he spoke between songs, sometimes preaching how you should be yourself and not take anything from anyone before “I’ll Do Me, You Do you” from their latest album, and other times telling the story of how his home life is before the song “Home” from the album Home.

It’s been said that going to a Blue October show is like going to church, and I couldn’t agree more. Justin and the band provided a brilliant soundtrack for the evening, and left fans wanting more. They ended the set with “Leave it in the dressing room”, where they took a quick break and returned for a few more songs.  The encore started with an awesome acoustic version of “Hate Me”, which is where Justin’s voice really shines through with passion.  The rest of the band returned to finish out the encore, which ended with the title song off their latest album, “I Hope You’re Happy”.

This was my very first Blue October live show, and I will say that I will definitely see them again.  Their latest album (I Hope you’re Happy) is certainly worth checking out, and also check out the short film, Am I Happy, loosely based on the song “I Hope You’re Happy”

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Episode 504 – Showing you Fitness in the Castlecomer for BigData

Episode 504 (yes, I guessed on the episode numbers, but feel I’ve done many more than 504 episodes!) – Bringing you music and info on the music!

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Episode #503 – Comforting you with a happy monster!

Three weeks in a row – bringing you more music than you can handle!  

Big details on the great show I went to last night (Blue October, review coming soon), wrap up of the Red Bull Air Race, and more!

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Letters From The Fire
Blue October
Big Data

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Oct 5 – Back again!

See, I told you that i’d be back! and almost on time!

More about the music, and weekend plans to see Red Bull Air Race in Indianapolis!!

Check out AlienXRadio, listen to my Zaldor’s Space Case during the Mid-Week Morning show on Wednesdays from 9a-11a!

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She Pulled The Trigger (Twitter)

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