Rock all out! Episode #82

As warned in the last episode, this one is a little harder than last! I play some great music from Abandon (as well as an interview with the guys), Lennon, and E.O.S.!

Hide – Abandon
Property of GoatFucker – Lennon
State Of Disarray – E.O.S.

Podcasts Mentioned:
The Catfish Show
Most People Are DJ’s

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Episode #81 – Cool down!

This episode is a little calmer than the last, I’m playing more mellow tunes, all piano based! But don’t let that fool you, they all rock!

Music and Interview with: Lennon

Music from:
Eleisha Eagle
Thriving Ivory
Black Adam

As well as my rantings on Billboards, long coffee lines, and how podcasting is making me miss out on the current news!

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Episode 80 – Conquer The World!

This episode features an interview I did with Mike from Conquer The World Records, and an interview with The Transfer – who are on CTW Records! I also play a great song from another CTW band, The Holy Fire.

Other topics: Dick Cheney and the shooting heard round the world, the state of the weather , and more ramblings from Zaldor!

Conquer The World Records
The Holy Fire
The Transfer

Most People Are DJ’s
The Big Show
Mr. X and Just Julie
Plan Nine Rock Show
Podcast Outlaws
Detroit Podcasters Network

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Lennon in Detroit on Friday 2-17-06

I interviewed her on Episode 61, and she’ll be in Detroit on Friday (2-17)! So if you’re in the Detroit area, and want to check out an amazing female artist – Go to Smalls in Hamtramck on Friday 2-17-06! I’ll be there, as will some of my friends too! The show is more based off her ‘Career Suicide’ CD, so it will be very personal – I’m looking forward to hearing and meeting her! See you there!!

Shannon Curfman/Lennon Tour!

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Episode 79 – autoSunday Episode

It’s the time where we play interviews and music!

This Episode I’ll have the interviews and music from:

Broken Sunday

Along with my normal discussions… and it’s less than 1 month until my 1 year anniversary of podcasting (March 10)!

206-666-4644 – Voicemail!

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Live from Motown Winter Blast – Episode 78

It’s Episode #78!

Did a little on-the-street interviews and play-by-play at the Motown Winter Blast from Saturday night – And shared a couple interviews I’ve done with bands too!

Music and interviews From:
All For Vengeance

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