Star Wars – EP3 Title!

Last weekend, Lucasfilms announced the title of the upcoming Star Wars Episode III – And it’s a fitting title… “Revenge Of The Sith” – Very dark… as the movie is supposed to be.

And here’s the logo:

Looks good – can’t wait until May 2005!!!

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Very cool!

Check out this video that a friend of mine sent to me – very cool how he did it (using a Nikon Coolpix 775 camera!!)


Decided to take the plunge away from IE for a while, and try out FireFox! First impressions are very good – it’s a slick browser, quick – and I like it! It’s a nice change from the old IE… and it’s customizable too!

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First 2 items!

Ok – today and yesterday I received my first two review items for BlogCritics – one is a book on digital photography, the other is a music cd from an indie artist in New York – I’ll have them up soon!!!

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Reviews coming!

Soon I intend to have quite a few reviews – I am currently awaiting music and books to review for, not to mention I still have those other music reviews I promised to do… LOL This weekend I’ll see about typing them out!

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