#324 – A Carcast to Remember

This is a carcast to remember.  Just listen.

 Music from:

Sleeping with Satellites

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #324 – A Carcast to Remember

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9 thoughts on “#324 – A Carcast to Remember”

  1. See now – this is why I drive an old truck. 2 tons of good ol American steel.

    Heck – I may git me a horse just to avoid that crashin thing.

  2. I jus’t had me a thought….

    If’n ol’Zaldor is laid up and cant talk – then the CCW might just have to pick up that talking box….

  3. CCW- Don’t be afraid of that talkin’ box. Just make sure you don’t use a mo-bile talkin’ box while driving or riding a horse even. These are dangerous times.

  4. I just listened to this episode today, and realize that I’m getting here quite late. I do note the significance of the date that this episode went up… and the implications of a certain holiday ….and how that relates to the episode.

    I am someone who once survived a really serious car accident. The ER said we should have died, but we were mostly unharmed, somehow. Every time I hear squealing tires, and crashing vehicles… well, let’s just say it unsettles me.

    So, I’m not a fan of this particular episode.

    But I did like the song by Sleeping with Satellites

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