#237 – Interview week continues with SuLE

It’s day Three of interview week – two more interviews to go!


This interview is with a great rock/funk/soul artist from Montreal, Quebec – SuLE (myspace)

Sule (Sou-Lay) has been playing music since the age of five and has been plugging away on his music career for roughly the past15 years. A music career is a multi faceted thing involving different disciplines and skill sets and Sule has been involved in as many as possible. He began as a student of the piano but quickly switched to the guitar. Singing, songwriting and a naturally good ear came as gifts to Sule and he’s used these to launch himself in various directions.

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Interview week starts tomorrow!

Starting tomorrow, i’m going to be bringing you a massive invasion of interviews during the week!

That’s right, this week is the Zaldor’s World Interview Invasion!

These interviews were all first brought to the world during my live shows on BounceRadio.net – so if you want to hear them BEFORE they’re on the podcast, listen to my LIVE shows on Monday (7p-10p ET) and Tuesday (6p-8p ET) evenings on BounceRadio.net!

So come back here tomorrow for the first of 3 or 4 interviews this week, they should come out every other day on the site!

Day One – June 28th, 2009: Interview with Curtis of SNEW
Day Two – June 30th, 2009: Interview with Zoe Vette of Zoe Vette and The Revolvers
Date Three – July 2nd, 2009: Interview with SuLE
Day Four – July 4th, 2009: Interview with Irvin Scabtree of Raggedy Angry

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