#324 – A Carcast to Remember

This is a carcast to remember.  Just listen.

 Music from:

Sleeping with Satellites

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #324 – A Carcast to Remember

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#309 – The 5th Annual Anti-Christmas Episode!

It’s that time again – time for the 5th Annual Anti-Christmas episode! 

During the recording of this episode I made a call out to Twitter and Facebook for comments, and received a bunch of great ones!!  Thanks to:

CCW (country co-worker)
Geek Tech Live
Kimmi @ The Metal Deli
Jen @ Inside My Head

Music from:

TV’s Kyle

Tom Smith
Moneyshot Cosmonauts (apologies for calling them the Monkey Cosmonauts!)
The Chris Waffle Experience


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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #309 – The 5th Annual Anti-Christmas Episode!

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#235 – Interview with SNEW (@SNEW)

This is the first interview of Zaldor’s World Interview Invasion week – and I’m kicking things off with a metal/rock bang!

This interview is with Curtis of SNEW, a great rock/metal band from Hollywood, California that is ready to take on the world! Their style is similar to AC/DC, Jackyl, Warrant, Poison, Van Halen, and more! Curtis and I had a great conversation and looking forward to meeting him in person when he makes it to Detroit Rock City!

SNEW is coming to your town this summer!

Be sure to get their album, “SNEW YOU!” from their site @ Snewyou.com !

Oh and… SNEW YOU!!!

This interview was first broadcast on my LIVE show on BounceRadio.net – You can listen to me on Mondays 7p-10p ET and Tues 6p-8p ET – I am scheduling many more interviews and that will be the place to hear them FIRST!

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Interview week starts tomorrow!

Starting tomorrow, i’m going to be bringing you a massive invasion of interviews during the week!

That’s right, this week is the Zaldor’s World Interview Invasion!

These interviews were all first brought to the world during my live shows on BounceRadio.net – so if you want to hear them BEFORE they’re on the podcast, listen to my LIVE shows on Monday (7p-10p ET) and Tuesday (6p-8p ET) evenings on BounceRadio.net!

So come back here tomorrow for the first of 3 or 4 interviews this week, they should come out every other day on the site!

Day One – June 28th, 2009: Interview with Curtis of SNEW
Day Two – June 30th, 2009: Interview with Zoe Vette of Zoe Vette and The Revolvers
Date Three – July 2nd, 2009: Interview with SuLE
Day Four – July 4th, 2009: Interview with Irvin Scabtree of Raggedy Angry

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