Still here – 13 years later!

Just a quick update, just celebrated 13 yrs in podcasting! Here I talk about what’s new, and of course, Tigers opening day!!

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Music is my passion!

Back again to talk to you about music, as well as the weather and podcasts.. What a great idea!!

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Back in 2018!!

Guess it’s been a while since i’ve done a post/podcast… and I guess it’s time that I update you all! Enjoy !!

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just a quick update!!

Yeah, it’s been a while since i’ve put anything here… but that will change today, with this quick update!! Enjoy!!

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Almost end of 2017

Yep, it’s the last podcast of September, just giving a few updates and keeping you posted for more in the future… Be sure to check out Brian Vander Ark, he put on a great show at my buddy’s house in September!!

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Talk about Hurricanes – Harvey and Irma!

Crazy times around the south of the USA – in this episode I talk about Harvey and Irma, and how Irma hit me the most – as Maria and I were just down there in Marco Island/Miami earlier this year.

Also, check out this article I found today, that helps explain why the monster water surge from Irma wasn’t as bad as the forecasters predicted, which is a good thing.

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A total eclipse of Zaldor’s world!

Back again, a month later, to talk about eclipse, my happenings, dragons, and the great podcast of Jaret Goes To The Movies! enjoy!!

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Back from OK !

Ok, made it back from Oklahoma safe and sound – had a great trip! This episode I run down the weekend, and also talk about the loss of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park… 🙁

here’s the link to the episode of Wander Radio where I took over back in 2007

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Back and ready for reunion trip

Just a quick episode before we head out for the reunion that is this weekend, should be a great trip! Also talk about what Maria and I did for our anniversary, and other great stuff to catch you up… 🙂

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Back again!

Okay, so I didn’t do this on a weekly basis – but i’m trying for monthly!!

Talk about Jack @ Wander Radio or this link too, Laurie @ Insomnia Radio: New Zealand, Detroit Tigers, Tigger, being hacked, Disabled Cars, and more!

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Back again for another podcast, and also some brief reminiscing about the old days of podcasting thanks to Wander Radio and his remix of PodPeople by Munk!

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Little update and we got something new

Still trying to do these at least once a week, here’s one for you! Talk about the tigers, a tigger, and my cruise (if I didn’t already?)

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Twice in one week?

Yes, it’s another podcast – this podcast I discuss the Tigers Home opener, Music Trivia, and more!

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The first podcast episode of 2017!!??

Whoah, i’m back! just catching you all up on everything, hope to get more of these out to fill in the last few months!!

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Surprise 2nd episode in one day! FCFCW and Freaky join!

Totally impromptu meeting with the FCFCW and Freaky-Coworker! Ok, well it wasn’t totally impromptu… but we chatted for a while on the way back from lunch!!

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Remember me? I found this thing…

So yeah, i’m back – for the moment anyway! Just me rambling, trying to catch you up – and even throw in a little “rant” about the upcoming USA vote for president… Maybe i’ll put more up soon, keep checking!!

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No Man’s Sky – the game i’ve been waiting for!!

So… I know I haven’t posted anything on this site in a while – been a busy guy. But recently I thought i’d post something non-podcast related, because it’s been on my mind since over the last 48 hours. What is that, you ask? The new PS4 game, ‘No Man’s Sky’ (NMS).
When this game was first announced over 2 years ago, I thought it looked cool. When I found out it was a game where you could go from planet to planet exploring and discovering, it grabbed my attention. When I found out it was going to be released Aug 9th, I decided that i’d pre-order and get it at midnight, if possible. That’s what’s I did… I went to the local Gamestop, got the game – and installed it as soon as I could that night.

I thought i’d just download the day-one patch, then hit the bed… when I found out the patch was less than a gig, I decided to play for a while… almost 3 hours later, I was hooked.

This game reminds me of books I used to read by Isaac Asimov, the Lucky Starr-Space Ranger series. When I went back to do more research about it, learned that in one of the books (Lucky Starr and The Pirates of the Asteroids) there actually was an unmanned survey ship Atlas, makes me wonder if Hello Game’s Sean Murray actually modeled this game a little after Lucky Starr himself… When I play this game, I feel like I am a space ranger, donning my space suit and discovering the universe – in hopes to reach the center of the galaxy! This game is beautiful, one that I can see myself playing hours and hours – and wanting to discover more.

I know some people expected this to be a huge multiplayer game, but with 18 qunitllian (spelling?) planets in the universe of NMS, how do you really think you will see someone?? With the 5-6 hours i’ve played so far, I think i’ve been to maybe 6-8 planets, and none of them have been discovered before… Who knows if I ever will find one in the next month or two.

Well, I could go on about this game, but I encourage you to research it yourself. If you’ve ever wanted to be a Space Ranger, this might be the game for you… I know it’s something i’ve always been interested in..

OK – I’m off to explore new planets and continue to find Zaldor’s World as a Space Ranger in No Man’s Sky!!

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Another Unpluggd Episode available!

Yes, I did another Unpluggd show – check it out!

To tide you over until episode #319!

If you follow my twitter, you might have seen me mention that I recorded a podcast with my friend Emmitt for the Emmitt and Rick show earlier this week – well, that show is up now, and it’s perfect for you to listen to until the next episode of Zaldor’s World comes out! (which coincidentally enough, has Emmitt as a co-host!)

Here’s the post on the show

and here’s a download of the mp3!

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Merry Holidays to All!

😉 Merry Christmas to you and yours – I know I don’t post many non-podcast things here anymore, but I should.

I had some time while I was setting up Trent’s new GP2xWiz handheld, so I thought I’d post something for you –

I hope that you’re having a great holiday time, and that you ring in 2010 on a happy note. Here’s to the holiday, and here’s to a great 2010 and new decade!


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