#276 – Rockin’ to day one of NaPodPoMo!

Today is day ONE of NaPodPoMo – and i’m bringing you the first of 30 episodes! Get ready!

Bringing you some great rock and roll – and a few minutes with the country co-worker!

Music from:

The Passive Agressives
Purple Orange

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #276 – Rockin’ to day one of NaPodPoMo!

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#261 – Carcast and Zaldor’s Rambling mind…

This episode is another one recorded in my car, and I ramble on about the happenings of the day – as well as ask for a favor from you my listeners! Plus an interesting mix of podsafe music from my mp3 player. Lets just say this isn't a family safe episode! 😉

Music From:

Oliver Benjamin Thayer
Wonderful Life
Nashville Sesson Players
Magnetic Cherry
Fox Feather
Ten Year Vamp


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