#360 – Spin around for Zaldor!

My ramling to being you up to date with camping, my new projects, olin ezra, and why I want YOU to go camping in 2011!!


Music from:

Attention Thieves
Gilli Moon
Android Lust
The On Fires

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #360 – Spin around for Zaldor!

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#252 – The camping re-cap!

I give you the complete rundown of the camping trip with all the wet details! As well as bring you some great music!

Music From:

Any Day In June
Phoenix Williams
Jack Roger
Kathy Fleischmann (twitter)

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Zaldor Multimedia dud?

Ok, so it wasn’t so much of a multimedia explosion as I had hyped in episode 250, but it was fun. I managed to get a lot of quick 1-2 min videos from camp, but I didn’t get any of the canoe people coming down the river on Saturday – Sorry! All the videos are on YouTube – check them out

I’ll give a full report in episode 252 that i’ll be recording very soon!

If you’re interested in joining us next year, please drop me an email!!

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